Installation at Bates College Museum of Art. A multi-part photographic, microscopic capture and root-scanning project featuring repeating branching patterns found in mycorrhizal fungi, tree branches, leaf veins and root systems. The work employs traditional analog photography, historic photographic processes, microscopy and scientific root-scanning equipment. Collaborators include Maine CapNStem Mushroom Farm, CID Bioscience and Bates College Museum of Art. 

Grid of Nine works:

Mycelium, Branches, Root systems 

with beeswax, resin, metal dust, oil paint

Branching Mycelium

Microscopic image capture printed

with beeswax, resin, metal dust, oil paint 

Balsam Fir Roots

with beeswax, resin, metal dust, oil paint

Mycelium Lace 

Microscopic image capture 

with beeswax, resin, metal dust, oil paint

Glass sculpture employing microscopic digital captures and historical photographic processes. Three layers of glas reference density of mycelium and traditional glass slide of a microscope 

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